Axiom Mobile Imaging has a passion for serving the most vulnerable of patient populations - seniors and others with limited mobility. We make their lives easier by bringing state of the art diagnostic exams (x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, Cardiac Echoes and more) to their homes or bedsides if they can't easily get to a hospital. We build strong networks with treating physicians, post-acute care providers, home health companies and caregivers to help provide the support network required to ease patients gradually back to their homes from an injury or illness that may have led to a hospitalization. In today's challenging environment, we do this as a low cost and low hassle alternative to transporting patients to a hospital, where they may face expensive readmission.


Axiom has been in business in Northern California since 2004, and started a major expansion into Southern California in 2011. We face a challenging competitive environment as well as an uncertain political climate in 2011 and 2012 as the industry comes to grips with the new health care paradigm ushered in by the Affordable Care Act. It was with this backdrop that Axiom began discussions with the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and was referred to the Silicon Valley SBDC for an objective business perspective.


Axiom started working with the SBDC in mid 2012. With the SBDC's encouragement, we started to diversify, and developed whole new marketing campaigns and sales collateral in this area. We have instituted a dashboard to track business targets on a continuous basis. We have created a forecast for entering new markets. Operating and capital expenses are now explicitly evaluated versus first year expected cash flow.


With guidance from the SBDC we now have:
  • A broader market offering and increasing momentum in developing business from new markets, especially home health. We have now developed relationships with over ten new customers in this area (resulting in $300k of additional revenue so far this year).
  • Greater visibility of monthly and quarterly business goals and accountability from our regional people for reaching them.
  • An improved process for evaluating and quantifying ROI on our next geographical business expansion.”